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The Xometry Test Part Process

The first steps in becoming an approved Xometry manufacturing partner is to tell us about your shop's Quality Management System and then complete a single test part in the process of your choice. 

  1. Test parts are available for:
    1. CNC - Mill
    2. CNC - Lathe
    3. Sheet Metal - Bent
    4. Sheet Metal - Flat
  2. If you are applying to be an additive, injection molding, or urethane casting partner, complete the form on this page and a member of our Partner Team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss next steps.
  3. If you are are not a US-based manufacturer, please see our FAQs to learn how to apply.
  4. Once you complete the test part request form below we will email you your test part files and you will be shipped the required material for the test part by Xometry Supplies.
  5. Upon receipt of the material, you will have ten (10) business days to complete and ship the test part.
  6. A shipping label and packing list will be provided for you in the box from Xometry Supplies with your test part material.
  7. Once we receive your test part and it passes inspection, we will reimburse you for the cost as outlined in our FAQs.

Request a Test Part